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I have 3 kids, a husband, a dog, a hamster, a bird and a swimming pool. When I am not trying to make sure they all remain alive, fed, clothed and loved, I am baking, writing, reading or pretending I know what I am doing in yoga class. Despite 11 years experience, I am not, by an stretch of the imagination, a pin up for how to be a mother - Jack has had cheerios for dinner (and lunch and possibly a breakfast too), Kiara has learning issues and Cameron likes shooting things - but I do the best I can and so far they all seem to be doing ok! As a regular contributor, you can follow me here at A Healthy Mom or on my own site

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Yoga and Pregnancy Go Great Together

The first trimester of all four of my pregnancies were marked by that terrible pregnancy exhaustion. You only truly understand this exhaustion once you have experienced and when you sneak off to catch a cat nap in the loos at work. After my 3rd baby I spent a year getting back into shape and managed to bring my weight down and get the centimetres off. I finally started liking what I saw in the mirror. Then ...

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A healthy kids birthday party… yes it is possible.

When my oldest son turned a year we went all out on his party. He was our first child and we wanted to celebrate in style so we fed everyone and we fed them well. We had a barbeque for the adults. We had chips and cake and biscuits and sweets for the children. Looking back I can’t believe that we had so much sugar on offer for one year olds! I blame it on being young, ignorant parents. When you start planni ...

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