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Monday Motivation

Whether you are crampy, over scheduled or just being lazy some days are harder than others to find the motivation to workout. When I don’t feel like lacing up the shoes I remind myself why I NEED to… I am a role model for my children. I know my kids will always understand and value the importance of exercise mainly because I involve them. They don’t just see me heading out the door to the gym. They do rando ...

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Size Does Matter

Portion control is critical when it comes to eating right. On the left side of the picture is a typical sized dinner plate. To the right is the salad plate. Can you guess which one I use? I guarantee that no matter how little you think your portion is on a dinner plate it is still too large. A simple way to control portions is to use a smaller plate. Just don’t cheat the plate (or yourself) by piling the fo ...

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