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Take Care of Your Body

When I find myself tired or low on energy, I can usually point to a lapse in taking care of myself. Since I only have one body, I have to intentionally take care of it! Summer is a great time to do that. Want to join me? We just need to move it, rest it, hydrate it, and feed it! Move it: There are two kinds of exercise we need to be doing: cardio fitness and strength building. The good news is that you don’ ...

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Turkey Veggie Meatloaf… Sneak in the Vegetables!

Being a parent means that you need to teach your children healthy eating habits. Which, sadly, means I can't toss my children frozen nuggets and Easy Mac every night. But it also means finding slightly deceitful ways to get my children to ingest vegetables. Introducing Turkey Veggie Meatloaf - which we tell the kids is actually steak (because that's what fancy princesses eat at restaurants). And I also don' ...

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Vitamins Your Kids Will Love

Every mom wants the best for their children. I try my best to make sure my kids get the proper nutrition that their growing bodies need. Most kids are naturally picky eaters and mine are no exception. In order to be certian that my kids are getting enough vitamins and minerals I always give them a childrens multivitamin every single day. Teelah has a wide range of multivitamins and nutritional supplements e ...

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Jillian Michaels Body Revolution First Impressions

As soon as I announce to the world that I've started (and am loving) a new fitness program, the universe slams me with a cold! No worries though, my resolve is stronger this time. Plus my 12 hour meth cold meds make me super woman...cold or no cold. So I started Jillian Michaels Body Revolution. I love it! I had to try it because I kept recommending it after watching the infomercial. I've been getting a lot ...

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Paleo Diet Review: No Such Thing as One Size Fits All

If you’ve been reading my blog, even for just one day, you’ll know that I teach low glycemic eating. In our 8 Week Transformation Program, we take people from their typical processed, glycemic roller-coaster lifestyles, gradually into a low glycemic lifestyle. For a few weeks of the program, the participants eat much like the Paleo Diet (during Phase 1 – you eat only low glycemic foods, so you cut out all g ...

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