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In a Rut? Mix it Up!

In a Rut? Mix it Up!

Do you ever feel like no matter how many miles you run, or how many crunches you do, you just aren’t getting the same results as when you first started? You started out seeing the pounds and inches fall off, but now you have “hit a plateau.” Or, maybe you are just bored with the same old loop you run around your neighborhood? Don’t worry we have all been there!

When performing exercises your muscles alter their physiological and neurological properties. In other words, your muscles change in order to achieve the desired movements with the least amount of resistance or effort. The first few times you perform an exercise, it challenges your muscles and causes change, such as building muscle fibers, increasing speed of reaction time, or stabilizing a joint. After doing the same exercises over and over, your muscles adapt to the now familiar movement, which decreases the effort required to perform it. You are no longer getting as much “bang for your buck”, since you aren’t burning as many calories to achieve the same movement as the first time you did it.

What should you do? Mix it up! There are so many ways to change your routine to keep your muscles – and your mind – challenged. Running? Try doing intervals. Resistance training? Try increasing the weight, decreasing your rest time between sets, or performing new exercises. Tabata/HIIT workouts? Try increasing your intensity. Or, try something new altogether! Each of these will change the way your body reacts to a workout and keep you challenged mentally as well.

One of the best parts of Stroller Strength is that you can always find a “partner in crime” for whatever new way you want to challenge yourself. Triathlon anyone?

About The Author

I love helping mothers lead a healthy and fit lifestyle and set a good example for our children. After growing up playing team sports and playing lacrosse through college, I took up distance running to stay in shape. However, since moving to Jacksonville four years ago, new goals designed to break out of my comfort zone have made fitness much more than just fitting into my clothes. No more run, bicep curl, and sit-up routine! It started with setting time goals for races (new half marathon PR) and evolved into trying new types of races (a full marathon, a kayak/run biathlon, a run/swim/surfboard paddle trident, and a traditional sprint triathlon). Breaking out of my comfort zone has allowed me to continue to challenge myself while rediscovering the fun of exercise through a variety of activities I had never even considered, like trapeze, ariel yoga and stand up paddle board yoga. My business in three words: Strong, Healthy, Mothers. As a regular contributor to A Healthy Mom you can follow me here or on my facebook page.

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