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Monday Motivation

Whether you are crampy, over scheduled or just being lazy some days are harder than others to find the motivation to workout. When I don’t feel like lacing up the shoes I remind myself why I NEED to…

I am a role model for my children. I know my kids will always understand and value the importance of exercise mainly because I involve them. They don’t just see me heading out the door to the gym. They do random knee highs with me in the kitchen after we load the dishwasher. They throw kettle bells around when my trainer comes. If I am doing push-ups while watching the latest Housewives reunion – they are doing push-ups right next to me.

I am vain and I do not apologize for it. I want to have a fantatstic body. I need to workout to get and keep that body. It’s that simple.

To look fabulous in clothes. I am a lover of clothes but I do not believe everything you wear needs to be super expensive. The most important piece of an ensemble is confidence. Working out gives me that confidence.

To smile. Working out is my anti-depressant. I am unfortunately a little depressive leaning and I know that, for me, daily exercising keeps the clouds from darkening.

That’s why I workout. Why do you?

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