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Take Care of Your Body

Take Care of Your Body

When I find myself tired or low on energy, I can usually point to a lapse in taking care of myself. Since I only have one body, I have to intentionally take care of it! Summer is a great time to do that. Want to join me? We just need to move it, rest it, hydrate it, and feed it!

Move it: There are two kinds of exercise we need to be doing: cardio fitness and strength building. The good news is that you don’t need a gym membership to do either one! 30-45 minutes of cardio can happen when you take a walk with a girlfriend or jog alongside your kids as they ride a bike. Strength training can happen with muscle building exercises like sit ups or pushups, and using weights of some kind. Got some soup cans in your pantry? Pull them out and start lifting today!

Rest it: Our body is designed to regenerate during sleep. Sleep is for the body like a reboot is for a computer. It clears away the junk so you function better. If you’re not getting 7-9 hours of sleep each night, it’s time to hit the sack earlier. Even 30 minutes earlier than you’re used to doing, can make a big difference!

Hydrate it: I don’t personally like the taste of plain water, so I’ve discovered that if put it in a pretty goblet and throw in a slice or lemon, lime, orange, or even cucumber, I’m more likely to drink the water I need. Follow the 8 by 8 rule: Drink 8 oz of water 8 times a day. This keeps your energy up and your body functioning well.

Feed it! Most of us have no problem feeding our body. The challenge is feeding it healthy food choices. Keep fresh fruit and vegetables on hand to serve with meals and munch on for snacks. Read labels and choose foods that don’t have preservatives or large amounts of sodium in them. Opt for lean meats like turkey over ground beef. Limit sweets to special occasions, rather than something that’s eaten every day. Select water or tea over soda. Limit the amount of artificial sweeteners you are using.

Making these small adjustments can help you take care of your body. Remember mom, taking care of your body is actually one way you take care of your family!


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Jill Savage is a wife and mother of five. Serving as the Founder and CEO of Hearts at Home, Jill encourages thousands of moms each year at Hearts at Home conferences. Jill is the author of 9 books including her most recent, No More Perfect Moms. As a regular contributor, you will be able to follow her right here on A Healthy Mom or visit her on

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