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Why read this blog?

Real life is hard, and trying to find a healthy balance is even harder. I want to be healthy, but I’m just like you, I live in the real world where some days it’s just be easier to pull through McDonalds or order a pizza.

There are day’s we can be super moms, and other days (most days) it just doesn’t seem to work out. But the more we know about healthy diets; fitness tips and ways to reduce stress, the better we will feel and the better moms we will be.

This blog strives to be a resource for us all. My goal is to provide real life tips and advice on healthy mind, body and spirit. Many of our contributors are moms like us and many others are industry experts. I strive to provide information that every mom can apply to her life, so whether you are just looking for a quick fitness tip or are ready to completely change your family’s lifestyle, I will be right here with you.

I’m not an “expert” myself, just a mom like you who is trying to find a better way.

So join me on this journey… learn, contribute and live your healthy mom lifestyle.


P.S. If you have tips, articles, etc. that you have found helpful and think we should share with others, let us know. You can drop a note on the contact page and/or on Facebook.

If you are interested in being a contributor or just want to share ideas, comments, etc. we’d love to hear from you too! The more you share, the more we can share with others!

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