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Jill Savage is a wife and mother of five. Serving as the Founder and CEO of Hearts at Home, Jill encourages thousands of moms each year at Hearts at Home conferences. Jill is the author of 9 books including her most recent, No More Perfect Moms. As a regular contributor, you will be able to follow her right here on A Healthy Mom or visit her on

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Let Kids Be Kids: Hyper parenting Can Stress Out the Kids

Parents often ask me, as a former piano teacher, when they should begin their child in piano lessons. When I recommend no earlier than second grade, they are amazed. Part of my answer comes from my experience teaching young children and finding that second grade is the earliest most children have the ability to sit still to practice. The other reason I suggest second grade comes from what I've learned as a ...

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Take Care of Your Body

When I find myself tired or low on energy, I can usually point to a lapse in taking care of myself. Since I only have one body, I have to intentionally take care of it! Summer is a great time to do that. Want to join me? We just need to move it, rest it, hydrate it, and feed it! Move it: There are two kinds of exercise we need to be doing: cardio fitness and strength building. The good news is that you don’ ...

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